Destiny Discover Engage

Follett Destiny Discover® Engage is an add-on subscription to Follett Destiny® Library Manager. It takes you beyond traditional reading lists to robust reading programs and challenges, smart recommendations, badges, and reporting capabilities.

Destiny Discover Engage makes it easy, fun, and rewarding for students to develop good reading habits.

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Destiny Discover Engage homepage.

Here are the main features:

Feature Description Learn More

Promote reading initiatives that range from programs for individuals or small groups to school-wide reading events.


Transform reading into a social activity where students challenge each other to meet personal goals.

Insights and Badges

Set goals, track your progress, and celebrate achievements.

Foster an excitement for reading with integrated recommendations, helping students zero in on their next favorite book.


See data on reading program participation.


If you are a Destiny Discover administrator, check out these additional resources: