Use the Destiny Discover Header Options

Use the Destiny Discover header, available on any page, to access a variety of functions, Help, or to log out.

Destiny Discover header.


  • The options you see depend on your access level and how your school set up Destiny Discover.
  • If you are viewing Destiny Discover on a small device or window, the header drop-downs are condensed under a Main Menu Menu icon..

My Stuff

Click the My Stuff drop-down to access:


Click Collections to access the Collections by Destiny® homepage.


Click the More drop-down to access:

  • Back Office: Takes you to the Destiny Back Office interface, where librarians perform administrative tasks, including circulation, reports, catalog management, and settings.
  • Widgets
  • Admin
  • Aspen (available if your school uses the Aspen® Student Information System, and it is integrated with Destiny)
  • Biblionasium (available if your school uses Biblionasium™, and it is integrated with Destiny)
  • Help


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