Set up sharing options: Google Classroom and Thin Common Cartridge

From Destiny Discover, you can export a title or group of titles to:

  • Google Classroom.
  • A file format that follows the IMS Global® Learning Consortium's Thin Common Cartridge™ standard.

    Note: For background information on the Thin Common Cartridge standard, visit

This lets you integrate library resources into compliant learning systems.


To give access to resources from Google Classroom or other compliant learning systems without requiring an additional login, Destiny and the learning platform need to be configured for single sign-on (SSO).

Note: For more information, see the Destiny Back Office Help topic, Configure Single Sign-On (SSO).

Enabling this feature lets users with the following Collection Roles export to Google Classroom or as a Thin Common Cartridge file: 

  • Administrator
  • Faculty
  • Instructor
  • Staff

Note: For information, see the Destiny Back Office Help topic, Access Levels and Permissions.

To enable exporting titles:

Note: A Destiny Administrator or district user can push settings to any or all schools in your district.

  1. Go to Discover Admin.
  2. Select Sharing Options.
    Destiny Admin with Sharing Options highlighted.
  3. Select the export format option(s) you want to be available from a title's details: Google Classroom or Thin Common Cartridge. If you include Thin Common Cartridge, select a version and complete the LTI Code and LTI Code Description fields (optional, depending on your learning system's requirements).

    Note: The ability to export to Microsoft® OneDrive® is not yet available.

  4. Click Save.

Once the setting is enabled, users can export the file from a title's details.

Share page with Export Title Details highlighted.