Explore Versions and Themes

You can choose between two versions of Destiny Discover for your groups of users: 

  • Simplified (recommended for grades K-5)
  • Standard (recommended for grades 6-12)

Simplified version

The Simplified version offers seven student-friendly themes. Select from the following:

  • Space
    Homepage with Space theme.
  • Kids Outside
    Homepage with Kids Outside theme.
  • Aquarium
    Homepage with Aquarium theme.
  • Bookfair
    Homepage with Bookfair theme.
  • Technology
    Homepage with Technology theme.
  • Sports
    Homepage with Sports theme.
  • Gradient
    Homepage with Gradient theme.

The Simplified version includes student-friendly navigation features, such as:

  • An assigned color for actionable items to make it easy for students to see where to click (yellow or green, depending on the theme).
  • Quick access to a title's details by flipping (clicking) the cover.
  • Access to My Stuff all on one page (includes the following, if permissions allow: Checkouts, Holds, Fines, Favorites, History and Profile).
  • Easy-to-use rating scale (with appropriate permission).

Standard version

The Standard version is Destiny Discover's original interface. It features a clean, blue design and is geared for upper grade levels.

Home page with Standard version.

Do any of the following:

  • Create individual citations or a citation list.
  • Access full Title Details, including links to explore resources with the same subject, author, curriculum tag or series.
  • Add star ratings and/or text reviews (with appropriate permission).