Check Out and Return Follett eBooks and Audiobooks

Check out

To ensure you can access a title later, check it out.

To check out a title:

Note: You must be logged in, and there must be available copies, to check out an eBook or audiobook.

  • From Destiny Discover search results, click Checkout next to the title.

  • From Destiny Discover Title Details, click Checkout.
  • From an open eBook or audiobook, in the top toolbar, select Book Options icon.> Checkout Book.
    Follett eBook with Checkout Book option highlighted.

    Note: The option to check out from an open eBook or audiobook is not available in the Destiny Discover app.


Checked-out titles are automatically returned at the end of the loan period.

Do one of the following to return a title and make it available to others before the due date:

Destiny Discover version


Destiny Discover accessed via a browser

  • From any page in Destiny Discover:
    1. In the header, select > Checkouts.

    2. Click Return.
  • From an open eBook or audiobook, in the header, select > Return Book.

Destiny Discover app

  1. At the bottom of the screen, tap Library.
  2. Next to the appropriate title, tap Return.