Use comic book features

Many comic books and graphic novels let you switch between page- and frame-view formats.

Note: The comic book format is only available for select titles (with a default view of Page View). When comic book format is not available, eBooks will appear in eBook View by default.

To change the format:

  1. To show the eBook header, hover over the title at the top of any page.
  2. Use the Format drop-down to switch between the following:
    • Comic Book (Page View): See one page at-a-time.
      Comic Book Page View.
    • Comic Book (Frame View): See one frame at-a-time. Click Zoom in icon. or Zoom out icon. to change the zoom.
      Comic Book Frame view.
    • eBook View: See the standard eBook features, such as Page Layout, Display Options, and Notes/Highlights.eBook view.

      Note: Your place in the book is only saved in Comic Book view. In eBook View, you will always start from the beginning of the book. However, you can use a bookmark to save your place.